What are the benefits of a window replacement?

Replacing your windows comes with some serious benefits. If your home is older than 20 years of age it’s almost a guarantee you’ll benefit from new windows. Even windows that are 10 years old are outdated compared to todays technology. During your estimate your windows will be inspected to ensure you’re getting the benefits you want in the new windows that you choose. That’s just a small part of what makes Four Seasons Contracting, LLC so different. We’re customer focused and ensuring you’re satisfied with your window replacement is our highest priority.

How does replacing your windows benefit your home?

  • Newly installed windows increase your energy efficiency in multiple ways.
    • Old windows become loose due to shrinking and swelling. This lets in cool air and lets warm air escape.
    • Newer windows may be double or triple paned. These have argon gas between the layers which is even better at helping your home maintain heat. All newly installed window must meet the current energy code of having a .32 UV factor or better.
  • Newer windows provide greater sound-proofing in both directions.
    • Better soundproofing doesn’t just keep sound out, it keeps sound in. That means you can turn up your stereo, TV, and talk on into the night without worrying about whether or not the neighbors can hear you. It also means dead-of-night car alarm wakeups are a thing of the past.
  • UV protected windows help your home items last longer.
    • You may not have realized it, but UV rays cause damage to your items. They can wear away the coloring in couch fabric over time and damage wall hangings. The best way to prevent this is to replace your windows. We offer a wide selection of windows that include newer UV protected options.

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