Broken window? Our window replacement services will take care of it!

Did you misjudge the distance and accidently send a piece of furniture through your old, delicate windows? Were the neighborhood kids get a little rough and hit a baseball through it on accident? Are there so many cracks in your window that you have trouble seeing through it? Whatever the reason, if you need window replacement in Salmon Creek, Four Seasons Contracting, LLC is here to help. While it may seem like a disaster, having your window broken can actually be a blessing!

How can a window be energy efficient? Just like appliances, windows can earn the Energy Star certification as well. This means that they meet strict guidelines and use advanced technology like gas-filled space, multiple panes, and other means to save you on your energy bill.

New windows have a number of benefits

Window replacement Salmon CreekAlong with saving you money, putting in new windows have several other advantages too.

  • Tired of hearing your neighbors? New windows are better at soundproofing to keep the noise out.
  • Old windows have a smudge you can’t scrub off? Your replacement comes clear and streak-free!
  • Like sunscreen, windows protect your furniture from harmful UV rays that cause fading.

Have a few ideas in mind? Let us come by and look at your property and give you a free estimate! We’ll help you find that perfect combination of style and value you’ve been searching for!

What kinds of windows can you install?

You name it, we do it! With more than 30 years in the business of window installation, we’re experienced with any and all kinds of windows. Want to change your window type? We’ll make it happen! We know how to put in casement windows, double-hung windows, sliding windows, bay windows, and much more. Not satisfied with the size of your current windows? It doesn’t have to be permanent. We’re able to shrink or enlarge your window opening to fit your desired size and type of window.

Choose us for window replacement in Salmon Creek

With friendly service, efficient installation, and great prices, we won’t be beat by anyone around!