Dry Rot Repair in Vancouver WA by Four Seasons Contracting, LLC

Where Does Dry Rot Come From?

Also called fungal growth or brown rot decay, dry rot is the decaying of wood due to moisture saturation over time. This relationship between structural wood and water creates a perfect environment for a type of wood-decaying fungus.

At Four Seasons Contracting, LLC, we know that this is particularly worrisome for homeowners in rainy Vancouver where most homes have wood frames. If you own a historic home, the risk of rotted beams and frames may even be a regular nuisance if it’s never been treated.

Where is dry rot found?

If you’re wondering how to prevent dry rot, you might ask — where does dry rot typically take hold? If not well insulated, basements and crawl spaces can be hot spots for moisture from leaks, and thus, mold and rot. However, dry rot occurs on plenty of outdoor wood structures as well, and especially on:

  • Wooden window frames and sills.
  • Areas where water leaks from the roof onto the siding.
  • Exposed decks, wooden handrails, and overhangs.
  • Any vertical surface that meets a horizontal surface.
  • Wood that sits underneath gutters.
  • The base of wooden structures/near the ground.

Rotten wood can cause serious damage to your home! Don't wait to address small dry rot issues before they get out of hand!

Making sure your window and door installations are sound means checking for dry rot along the frames. Call us for professional, time-tested solutions.

We Fix Rotted Exterior Wood!

It’s not only a structural problem, rotted wood looks awful! Make your home beautiful and sound again with our expert repair services. Our water damage crew will repair┬árotted wood window and door frames or decide if they need replacement.

Small areas of rot that have not significantly weakened the wood can be repaired with epoxy resin. If the source of moisture is located and stopped, the wood can also be treated with a fungicide to help protect the wood from further damage.

Call us sooner than later! We know how to repair and prevent dry rot damage the right way.