How Long Does Home Window Replacement Usually Take?

Replacing windows is a delicate task that requires utmost care to avoid both damage and injury. It is a job best left for professionals trained to offer such services. If you are thinking of replacing your house windows, you might be wondering how much time it will take before you can continue with your regular household schedule. This post will give you valuable insight into how long this process might take so you are aware of what to expect.

What does the window replacement process look like?

The window replacement process is a multi-step activity that requires both time and effort. Some of the steps you can expect when you call a window replacement company include:

– Window measurement

– Removing old window frames and sills

– Preparing the area for installation of new windows. This includes carpentry works like cutting holes in walls, floors or ceilings when necessary to accommodate larger replacement windows

– Installation of new window panes that come with different types of glass such as double, triple, energy-efficient and impact resistant.

– Reinstating the area to its original form, e.g., repainting walls or repairing floors damaged during installation.

How long does window replacement take?

On average, one window takes around an hour to install. However, this time frame is an estimation. It may take longer depending on the size of your windows, difficulty in removing old window frames, or coping with any unforeseen obstacles encountered during installation. When it comes to replacing all the windows in a house, you can expect the replacement to take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months.

What factors affect window replacement time?

Several factors will influence how long the window replacement process lasts. These include:

The size and type of windows

Naturally, larger windows will pose a greater challenge to replace than smaller ones. They are not only heavier but also require careful handling not to break them. Furthermore, some window designs might take longer to replace than others depending on the material they are made of and whether or not they come with multiple panels.

The location where you want your new windows installed

Window replacement in areas with serious security concerns might require more time for installation than expected. For instance, replacing home windows high above ground level, installing large picture windows in a home with an alarm system, homes close to busy streets, and window panes made from non-standard materials that need special attention like stained glass or leaded glasses.

The contractor you select for the job

Window replacement is time-consuming and requires expertise at every step of the way, starting from measurement to removal of old window frames and installation of new ones. You can expect a reputable contractor experienced in this field to finish the job faster than one with little or no experience.

The size of your home

Large homes will take longer for installing windows because they require more time to measure each space, remove old window frames, and reinstate the area to its original condition.

What can I do to ensure window replacement goes quickly?

If you’re preparing for your first window replacement project, making the following preparations means an easy time when the contractor arrives:

Take down window treatments

Start by taking down any treatments hanging on your windows, including curtains, drapes, and blinds. Also, remove nails, screws and brackets that hold these items in place. This will save your contractor the trouble of removing them and lessen the chances of breaking glass panes during installation.

Clear away furniture, decorations and other items

Remove all objects that might hamper work or fall on windowpanes when they are being replaced, e.g., potted plants, wall hangings, and light fixtures from around windows to be replaced. This will ensure the safety of your home and ease work for your contractor by freeing up the working space.

Have a clear pathway to windows

If you have a large house, clear pathways to windows that need replacement by moving furniture and other items out of the way. This will reduce the time necessary to measure spaces between each window and enable your contractor to work more efficiently without bumping into obstacles.

Remove security sensors

If your home is equipped with security sensors, have these disabled to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the window replacement project. Security systems might be a nuisance to your service providers, especially if a home alarm keeps going off.

Leave your doors open

If your home is normally locked when you go out, leave the entry doors open. This will save time if there is more than one entrance to your property because workers won’t have to unlock every door before starting work on windows that need replacement.

Keep pets and children away

Finally, keep family members, including pets and young children, well clear of the work area to guarantee safety. You don’t want them stepping on broken glass or playing around with sharp tools.

How much will window replacement cost me?

A window replacement project can cost you anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the size, type and number of windows in your home. It would be best to ask your service provider for a complete quote well before you sign up for the project.

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