How Can I Prepare For New Window Installation?

Window installation is a wonderful way to give your space a fresh look and improve your home’s energy efficiency. With just one call, you can have professional installers come to your house and do all the work for you! However, here are some tips you can use to prepare before the window installation contractors arrive.

Clear the way for the window company crew

Before the window installation process begins, make sure everyone in your house is out of the way! The bigger your home, the more time it will take to remove all furniture and other items from around each window that needs replacement. Move outdoor objects away from any replacement windows. This includes patio furniture, potted plants, and any lawn equipment. You want to ensure that window installers have a clear pathway to all windows that need replacement without obstacles to derail their work.

Keep rugs out of the way

Have someone help you remove all wall-to-wall carpets by your windows. This will get them out of the way for new window construction and prevent damage like staining or tears. It will also prevent broken glass from getting lodged into your carpet fibers and prevent possible injury in the future.

Remove window treatments  

New construction is easier for window installers when they don’t have to work around existing window treatments like blinds, curtains, and shutters. This will also prevent damage to these items and possible injury from sharp objects like broken window panes and screws that hold the blinds in place. Before you remove any hardware, you might want to talk to your service provider and confirm if it’s necessary.

Remove all furniture around your windows

Remember to remove all furnishings such as couches, chairs, and tables away from each window. This will provide the installers with a better view of what they are working on and ensure the replacement windows fit perfectly. If the furniture is too heavy to move, you might want to cover them with some drop cloths or plastic to prevent broken glass from falling on the upholstery.

Clear your walls of any artwork or family photos

Unfortunately, the same rules apply for all wall-hangings, such as paintings and other decorative items for installing replacement windows. They need to be removed so the installation crew can work without damaging your walls in the process. The wall vibration can easily cause them to fall and break, so it’s best if you put those in a safe place for the time being.

Disconnect all your electrical appliances

Turn off power to each appliance around the windows being installed, including lamps and other electronic devices like stereos and computers. The last thing you want is to install your replacement windows and cause an electrical surge that damages the appliances around them. This is another reason why it’s best to remove all items near each window before work begins.

Prepare a temporary storage area

All these items you’re moving around will need to be stored somewhere while the installation continues. Make sure you have enough room to store all these items at once before work begins. If there’s ample space available, you can keep them in spare bedrooms or even your garage; make sure it stays out of the way so installers can move around freely without bumping into anything.

Clear your yard of any play equipment

If there are any lawn toys, bicycles, and outdoor lawn furniture in the area where outdoor windows will be installed, move them to a safe place. You don’t want these items getting damaged during construction. If you have a pool, empty it and turn off the power to prevent shock during installation work. Again, your contractor of choice will be able to tell you what exactly they need.

Trim your landscape plants

If you have any tall potted plants, shrubs, or trees around your existing windows, it is best to trim them before window installation begins. This will allow the installation crew easier access when working on outside windows without damaging the foliage in the process. If you’re unsure how to trim them properly, ask an expert to do it for you, or remove them entirely before work begins.

Disconnect your sprinkler and alarm systems

If an automatic sprinkler system waters the area around your old windows, ensure that it’s turned off and disconnected before new windows are installed. You don’t the sprinklers to go off on workers while they’re trying to install replacement windows. The same rules apply if there’s an alarm system installed in the area because it can easily go off while workers are moving around and underneath each window frame.

Keep your children and pets out of the way

Children and pets can easily get in the way of workers during window installation, so it’s best to keep them out of the way. It’s best to keep them in a different room until the window installation is completed for everyone’s safety.

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