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May 29, 2018
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Five Things to Consider When Planning New Window Installation in Camas

New Windows Camas WA

The Benefits of New Windows Aren’t Always So Plain to See

You might not realize just how important your windows are to your home. Just like the head and the feet are the two most common places from which the human body loses heat, windows are one of the most important factors to keeping your house well heated.

But it doesn’t end with heating your home. Windows are also important for aesthetic appeal, security, and more. There’s a lot of consideration that goes into window installation in Camas, WA.

Let’s take a look at some of these factors in more detail.

Energy Efficiency

Losing heat through your windows can account for almost a quarter of your energy bill every month. If your windows aren’t installed properly, or made of the best materials, the extra cash you save on cheap window installation is going to cost you over the years. Here are a few elements to look for in quality windows.

Condensation Resistance measures the window’s resistance to fogging up and accumulating moisture. The higher the better.

Air Leakage indicates how much of a draft the window allows to slip through the cracks. The higher the rating, the more draft. So aim low on this one.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measurement of how much heat the window lets in. Lower numbers mean less heat gets through, and thus are better for energy efficiency because they allow your air conditioning to run less in the summer.

Energy efficient Camas window installation isn’t always the easiest puzzle to solve. But you don’t have to figure it out alone. A qualified window contractor can help you determine the best model of window to suit your needs, your budget, and your home.

Noise Cancellation

This is a benefit of effective windows that most people never even consider. Did you know that well-insulated windows keep out more than just cold air? They cancel exterior noise as well.

Energy efficient windows are so well insulated that they tend to reduce noise pollution from emergency sirens, noisy neighbors, and excited pets. Windows with noise cancelling properties could be ideal if you live near a highway, train track, or flight path.

In addition, neighborhoods where houses are very close together will notice a significant reduction in external sounds from the right windows.


Not only is high-quality window installation meant to keep the warmth and cooling in, but it also serves the secondary task of keeping potential home invaders out. If you’ve got an old house with old windows, you might not be doing all you could be to keep yourself, your family, and your property secure.

Aging window latches and frames often warp, making it impossible to lock them. If your windows are particularly old, they may even have been painted over so many times that the latch will barely budge.

Home Damage Prevention

We’ve already mentioned that better windows have higher condensation resistance ratings. But there is more to preventing condensation than energy efficiency. It’s also an important factor in mitigating the growth of mold or rot in your house.

While not all window condensation is a cause for concern, windows that “sweat” throughout the day—even when the temperature is warm—could be slowly reducing your property value without your knowledge. The longer that moisture builds up, the better your chances at discovering an unmitigated mold problem.

According to Home Advisor, the average cost for mold remediation in the Camas area was more than $1300. Compare that to the cost of a new window and taking care of a condensation problem is a no-brainer.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your windows are also one of the first things to catch the eye of visitors (and potential buyers, if you are still on the hunt for your forever home). Investing in aesthetically appealing windows is one of the quickest ways to improve your curb appeal. Here are two options that add a good deal of pop:

Double hung windows provide an elegant yet classic look to your house. They are one of the most popular window designs in the country, so if you are looking for a way to make the front of your house appealing to everyone, double hung is the way to go.

Bay windows jut out from your exterior wall, providing striking contrast and a level of depth that catches the attention of passersby. Bay windows are more rare than other varieties, so they can help add a unique selling point to your home.

Window Installation in Camas – We’re Here to Help

We hope this guide makes your window shopping experience a little bit smoother. It can be a confusing experience with a lot of decisions (and some high pressure sales talk if you work with the wrong company!).

Fours Seasons Contracting is here to help. If you’ve got questions of any sort about your window installation options, reach out and give us a call today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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